arc02 actronic electronics


These filters grant an high insertion loss of the temporary events with a spectrum of large band and high wideness.

Technical specifications
Manufacture - Self extinguishing plastic case and cover, internal components sealed with self-extinguishing resin Vo
Connections - ARC02.A: tinned wires / ARC02.B: flexible leads

Electrical specifications
Reference standard - IEC 60068, CEI 40-7 / VDE 565-1
Climatic category - 55/100/56 (IEC 60068/1) / FMD (DIM 40040)
Power of resistor - 1/2W. Other values available upon request
Operating Temp. range - -55°C / +100°C
Voltage test between terminals - 1.6 Vn applied for 2s. at 25°±5°C
Voltage test between terminals and case - 2500 Vn applied for 2s. at 25°±5°C
Insulation resistance - IR  30000 M for CR  0.33μF / IR  10000 S for CR > 0.33μF

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